Fresh Seafood On The Sunshine Coast

Fresh Seafood On The Sunshine Coast

When most people think of the Sunshine Coast, they think about the beautiful beaches and not much else. But wherever there's beach, there's the sea, and what you might not know is that the area near the Sunshine Coast boasts some of the best Noosa seafood restaurants in Noosa, Queensland.

For fans of seafood, there's one distinct advantage to visiting Noosa: our proximity to the coast means that we have easy access to some of the freshest fish and fruit de mer. So it's perhaps no surprise that some of the best Noosa restaurants specialise in fresh seafood. It's also why determining the best seafood restaurant Noosa has to offer is such a daunting (and delicious!) task.

For many restaurants, the local seafood market provides a never-ending source of delicious, locally sourced produce, which we all know is key. Many Noosaville restaurants provide vital support and trade to their local fish market, by promoting local produce and providing much-needed trade. Dining in Noosa isn't only tasty: it's a great way of supporting the local economy.

Best Restaurants in Noosa

Seeing as there is no way of rightfully deciding the best restaurants Noosaville has to offer, let alone the wider Noosa region, today we're going to concentrate on a local favourite, Pomona Distillery Co. (yes, distillery!). New to the scene, these guys offer some of our favourite fresh seafood dishes. Designed to be the perfect accompaniment to their on-site distilled Pomona Signature Dry Gin, it's the combination of the two that put these guys ahead of the starting pack. Need more reasons to visit? See our post on reasons to visit a Sunshine Coast brewery.

Best Fish and Chips Noosa

Pomona Distillery Co. add a SE Asian fusion twist to this classic, go-to seafood staple. The one thing you can't cut corners on here is the quality of the fish: which is why they've chosen locally caught barramundi, which is deep-fried in beer batter, and still surprisingly light and fresh. Paired with lemon aioli, the barramundi's light texture and flavour is a great compliment to their home-distilled gin, meaning you can enjoy a G&T (or one of their amazing gin cocktails) with your fish and chips.

But what's the twist? Yellow curry salt chips provide a kick of spice and really bring this plate to life. Locally sourced seafood alongside locally distilled gin mean you're putting your money right into the local economy. So you can leave full, a little tipsy, and safe in the knowledge you've done your bit for the local fish market.

Spiced Calamari In Pomona

Fried in a light batter, the calamari here is lightly spiced in aromatic yellow curry. Another of our Noosa seafood favourites, it's not only a refreshing twist on the standard calamari, but again it's chosen to pair perfectly with the onsite distilled gin. Served as one of their small plates for sharing, so you can treat yourself to some non-seafood also, in the form of their amazing Buffalo Chicken Wings, or a choice of three different types of Bao Bun. And of course, we recommend you wash these down with a gin cocktail for the full effect!

If you're looking for a rare find with some of the best seafood and gin pairings in the region, visit Pomona Distillery Co. and try for yourself. Make a reservation today!

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