6 Reasons To Visit A Sunshine Coast Brewery

6 Reasons To Visit A Sunshine Coast Brewery

Luckily for us, the growing popularity of artisan brewing and distilling worldwide has arrived in Noosa too. Craft beer and craft brewery culture as a whole is booming, and a new brewery or distillery pops up seemingly every month. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have your own favourite Noosa brewery and beer. Because whatever your taste, there's a brewery somewhere on the sunshine coast for you. Hundreds have sprung up in Noosaville, Noosa and the surrounds alone.

Variety is not the only reason Noosaville locals love craft beer. The average Noosa craft brewery will often offer so much more than just the beers they brew: many open their doors to the public. It's not hard to find a brewery that offers classes in brewing, and some even offer the chance to brew your very own batch on site. If you haven’t visited a Noosa craft brewery before, below we’ve listed 4 great reasons to leave the bar or the bottle shop behind and head right to the source.

Learn From The Gin Experts Near Tewantin

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast is home to some of the world's best brewers. How better to learn than to visit and see first hand how it’s done? Many a craft brewery will happily talk you through the process from start to finish, furnishing you with trade secrets acquired from years of practice. There’s no better resource than to go to the brewery itself.

Variety Of Gin and Rare Cocktail Finds On Sunshine Coast 

Sure, you can definitely find a wide range on offer in many Noosa taprooms and bottle shops. But at the craft brewery itself, you can really home in what makes each brewery unique. A tasting paddle is a great way of doing this. A craft brewery will often use their tours as a way of testing out new beer recipes and ingredients, so you may well get the chance to taste something new.

Food and Drink Pairings On Sunshine Coast

Many brewers have a background which is rich and diverse, and contacts in the food and drink industry as long as your arm. That’s why so many of them employ great chefs, who know how to pair their signature products with the best food flavours and the best seafood in Noosa, enriching your experience whilst lining your stomach.

Support Small Breweries In Noosa

No matter where you are in Australia, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a craft brewery near you. Your typical Noosa craft brewery will employ local and any Noosa brewery worth it's salt will source from in and around the Sunshine Coast. Brewery visits can be an invaluable source of income for small independent brewers. And what better way to contribute to the economy than sitting back and sampling their craft beers?

It is estimated that craft brewing has the potential to contribute around $100 million to the Queensland economy each year. What better way to boost the economy than to spend a day drinking great beers?

Explore Noosa's Best Distillery

If you're aching to head out into the Noosa hinterlands and experience some of the habitat Noosa has to offer, beer can be your reason! With a brewery or distillery seemingly springing up in every Noosa town, you can explore the area and get refreshed at the same time.

Brew Your Own Gin

Although not something offered everywhere, there are Noosa breweries that offer you the chance to make your own signature gin. If you have a special occasion coming up where you’re bringing together your family and friends for a party, what better way to mark the occasion than with your own signature gin from a top craft brewery? Pomona Distilling Co. offers an epic Gin Masterclass - you'll learn all about gin and customize your very own botanical gin blend. Check out Pomona Distilling Co. today and try some delicious drinks! Make a reservation here.

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