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There are so many Noosa restaurants to choose from nowadays that even deciding where to go for dinner can be a chore! Well, not quite, but you get what I’m saying. To simplify things, today we’re going to narrow the parameters a little and talk about restaurants in Noosa that offer farm-fresh local produce. Why? Well, there’s no better food than fresh food for a start. But more importantly, these restaurants don’t just sell great food, they boost the local economy and help create sustainable local industries which can flourish for years to come. Sound good? Thought so.

Pomona Distilling Company offers farm-fresh ingredients

Best Noosa Restaurants

Luckily, there’s no compromise on taste, as many of the best Noosa restaurants use locally sourced produce. But we’re going to ignore Noosa Heads, Noosa Beach and to be honest, the entire rest of the Sunshine Coast, in favour of one little gem that opened up this year. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Cooroora, you might think the little town of Pomona has little to offer in the way of top food. But you’d be wrong. The Pomona Distilling Company are putting this little town on the map, and it’s not just the home-distilled gin we’re talking about.

The Pomona Distilling Company is one of the best restaurants in Noosaville
With a beautiful setting and a menu hand-picked to match perfectly with the drinks on offer, these guys provide a dining experience to rival any Noosa restaurant. In a beautiful setting, with a lovingly handcrafted interior made from nearly 100% reclaimed materials, and ample outdoor space, there are few better places to kick back and enjoy locally produced food and fresh seafood from the Sunshine Coast alongside a locally distilled gin. It’s worth noting that even the gin itself, Pomona Signature Dry Gin, is made with locally sourced botanicals, which is why we think this is one of the best restaurants Noosa has produced this year.

locally distilled gin

Best Fish And Chips In Noosa

Top of the menu, is in our opinion the best fish and chips Noosa has to offer. A bold claim maybe, with so many restaurants offering this classic. The line-caught barramundi works perfectly in light tempura batter, and the yellow curry-spiced chips add a touch of intrigue. The fact it pairs perfectly with the signature gin is another huge plus. Elsewhere on the menu is the yellow curry-spiced calamari, which is available as one of the small plate options for sharing or as a main. Locally sourced produce also features in the amazing Bao Buns, which are available with pork belly, beef brisket or locally grown vegetables.

yellow curry-spiced calamari
Also highly recommended are delicious Buffalo Chicken Wings, Chicken Parmy and a revolving curry of the day (available for vegetarians also). And of course, they offer a dizzying array of gin cocktails to go with your food, and a decent wine list. So if you’re looking for great food and great drink, in a beautiful rural setting, then this place really does take some beating. If you’re looking for a restaurant with locally sourced produce, right down to the botanicals in the gin, this is it. With the building even built from reclaimed local materials, this is an excellent opportunity to support the Noosa economy, whilst treating yourself to a great day out. Make a reservation at Pomona Distilling Co. today and enjoy a wonderful evening.

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When most people think of the Sunshine Coast, they think about the beautiful beaches and not much else. But wherever there’s beach, there’s the sea, and what you might not know is that the area near the Sunshine Coast boasts some of the best Noosa seafood restaurants in Noosa, Queensland.

For fans of seafood, there’s one distinct advantage to visiting Noosa: our proximity to the coast means that we have easy access to some of the freshest fish and fruit de mer. So it’s perhaps no surprise that some of the best Noosa restaurants specialise in fresh seafood. It’s also why determining the best seafood restaurant Noosa has to offer is such a daunting (and delicious!) task.

seafood restaurant in Noosa

For many restaurants, the local seafood market provides a never-ending source of delicious, locally sourced produce, which we all know is key. Many Noosaville restaurants provide vital support and trade to their local fish market, by promoting local produce and providing much-needed trade. Dining in Noosa isn’t only tasty: it’s a great way of supporting the local economy.

Best Restaurants in Noosa

Seeing as there is no way of rightfully deciding the best restaurants Noosaville has to offer, let alone the wider Noosa region, today we’re going to concentrate on a local favourite, Pomona Distillery Co. (yes, distillery!). New to the scene, these guys offer some of our favourite fresh seafood dishes. Designed to be the perfect accompaniment to their on-site distilled Pomona Signature Dry Gin, it’s the combination of the two that put these guys ahead of the starting pack. Need more reasons to visit? See our post on reasons to visit a Sunshine Coast brewery.
fresh seafood dishes

Best Fish and Chips Noosa

Pomona Distillery Co. add a SE Asian fusion twist to this classic, go-to seafood staple. The one thing you can’t cut corners on here is the quality of the fish: which is why they’ve chosen locally caught barramundi, which is deep-fried in beer batter, and still surprisingly light and fresh. Paired with lemon aioli, the barramundi’s light texture and flavour is a great compliment to their home-distilled gin, meaning you can enjoy a G&T (or one of their amazing gin cocktails) with your fish and chips.
But what’s the twist? Yellow curry salt chips provide a kick of spice and really bring this plate to life. Locally sourced seafood alongside locally distilled gin mean you’re putting your money right into the local economy. So you can leave full, a little tipsy, and safe in the knowledge you’ve done your bit for the local fish market.

Spiced Calamari In Pomona

Fried in a light batter, the calamari here is lightly spiced in aromatic yellow curry. Another of our Noosa seafood favourites, it’s not only a refreshing twist on the standard calamari, but again it’s chosen to pair perfectly with the onsite distilled gin. Served as one of their small plates for sharing, so you can treat yourself to some non-seafood also, in the form of their amazing Buffalo Chicken Wings, or a choice of three different types of Bao Bun. And of course, we recommend you wash these down with a gin cocktail for the full effect!

waiters with the favourite seafood dishes
If you’re looking for a rare find with some of the best seafood and gin pairings in the region, visit Pomona Distillery Co. and try for yourself. Make a reservation today!
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gin spiration
Believe it or not, it has been said that gin drinkers are more prone to psychopathic tendencies than non-gin drinkers. We certainly don’t consider that to be the truth. In fact, if you asked us, we’d tell you’d be crazy not to drink it! Especially when it’s as lovingly crafted and distilled as Pomona Distilling Co’s signature dry gin. And it seems even crazier when you consider all the amazing flavour combinations and cocktails that gin lends itself to. The first distillery in Noosa to use botanicals sourced from all around Noosaville and the wider Sunshine Coast, head distiller Robin Yates has created a tipple that not only captures the Pomona spirit: it has a flavour profile that mixes perfectly, hints of white malt and green tea present. And it’s our good fortune that they have now branched out into other spirits and are distilling vodka too. Whether you’re crazy, sane, a gin aficionado or a fan of craft beer, below are just a few of the great cocktails (and other highlights) on offer from the Pomona Distilling Co. Try gin tasting with friends and family and enjoy the variety of drinks available.

Gin and Tonic

Ok, going straight in for the classic G&T – the defining test of any gin worth its salt. It might be simple, but it’s a classic for a reason. Even more important, such a simple mix exposes low-quality spirits. You simply can’t make a great gin and tonic without a world-class gin. Pomona Signature dry gin passes this test with flying colours. Especially good with lime and a sprig of fresh rosemary.

Aviation With Pomona Signature Dry Gin

gin with rosemary and lime
Getting a little more complex, Pomona Distilling Co.’s Aviation pairs Pomona Signature Dry Gin with Crème de violet, Maraschino and Lemon, to make a fresh but complex cocktail to make you feel sky high. The natural violet flavour compliments the botanicals in the gin perfectly, with the slightly sour cherry of the Maraschino providing balance, and lemon adding a citrus acid kick to finish. This is perfect all year round.


One of the more popular cocktails served here, this combines Pomona signature dry gin, lime juice, sugar syrup, fresh mint leaves and soda water, to create a flavour not too far away from the classic mojito. Finished with a sprig of rosemary, this is great any time of day, but especially good for the first drink post work on a Friday, if you’re so inclined.

What is the best drink to mix with gin?

If you’re wondering what is a good mix with gin, one of our more popular cocktails would be the refreshing “Southside”. 🙌🏼 Perfect for Friday knock-offs!


Southside Gin Cocktail Recipe


  • 60 ml Pomona signature gin
  • 30ml Lime juice
  • 30ml Sugar syrup
  • Mint leaves
  • Soda water

Combine gin, lime juice, sugar syrup & mint with 2x lime wedges into cocktail shaker. Shake and pour into ice filled crystal old fashioned glass and top with soda water. Garnish with fresh mint leaves & a sprig of Rosemary 🌿

Espresso Martini

glasses of gin

Made with the head distiller Robin’s very own homemade vodka, this is a modern classic. Vodka, martini and espresso combine to make a delicious cocktail with a real kick. Perfect when it’s been a long week and you need a little more energy (and vodka) to get you through the night!

Craft Beers in Noosa

Showcasing some of Noosa Heads and the Sunshine Coast’s best craft beers near Tewantin, if you’re not in the mood for cocktails, you’ll still feel right at home in this Noosa distillery. With four taps and a revolving cast, be sure to ask what’s available on tap when you visit this little gem of a brewery. Visit Pomona Distilling Co. today for the best gin cocktails!

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Luckily for us, the growing popularity of artisan brewing and distilling worldwide has arrived in Noosa too. Craft beer and craft brewery culture as a whole is booming, and a new brewery or distillery pops up seemingly every month. If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have your own favourite Noosa brewery and beer. Because whatever your taste, there’s a brewery somewhere on the sunshine coast for you. Hundreds have sprung up in Noosaville, Noosa and the surrounds alone.

the girl is pouring gin
Variety is not the only reason Noosaville locals love craft beer. The average Noosa craft brewery will often offer so much more than just the beers they brew: many open their doors to the public. It’s not hard to find a brewery that offers classes in brewing, and some even offer the chance to brew your very own batch on site. If you haven’t visited a Noosa craft brewery before, below we’ve listed 4 great reasons to leave the bar or the bottle shop behind and head right to the source.

Learn From The Gin Experts Near Tewantin

Noosa and the Sunshine Coast is home to some of the world’s best brewers. How better to learn than to visit and see first hand how it’s done? Many a craft brewery will happily talk you through the process from start to finish, furnishing you with trade secrets acquired from years of practice. There’s no better resource than to go to the brewery itself.

Variety Of Gin and Rare Cocktail Finds On Sunshine Coast

pomona signature gin
Sure, you can definitely find a wide range on offer in many Noosa taprooms and bottle shops. But at the craft brewery itself, you can really home in what makes each brewery unique. A tasting paddle is a great way of doing this. A craft brewery will often use their tours as a way of testing out new beer recipes and ingredients, so you may well get the chance to taste something new.

Food and Drink Pairings On Sunshine Coast

Many brewers have a background which is rich and diverse, and contacts in the food and drink industry as long as your arm. That’s why so many of them employ great chefs, who know how to pair their signature products with the best food flavours and the best seafood in Noosa, enriching your experience whilst lining your stomach.

Support Small Breweries In Noosa

popular cocktails with gin

No matter where you are in Australia, you can bet your bottom dollar that there’s a craft brewery near you. Your typical Noosa craft brewery will employ local and any Noosa brewery worth it’s salt will source from in and around the Sunshine Coast. Brewery visits can be an invaluable source of income for small independent brewers. And what better way to contribute to the economy than sitting back and sampling their craft beers?

It is estimated that craft brewing has the potential to contribute around $100 million to the Queensland economy each year. What better way to boost the economy than to spend a day drinking great beers?

Explore Noosa's Best Distillery

If you’re aching to head out into the Noosa hinterlands and experience some of the habitat Noosa has to offer, beer can be your reason! With a brewery or distillery seemingly springing up in every Noosa town, you can explore the area and get refreshed at the same time.

Brew Your Own Gin

types of gin
Although not something offered everywhere, there are Noosa breweries that offer you the chance to make your own signature gin. If you have a special occasion coming up where you’re bringing together your family and friends for a party, what better way to mark the occasion than with your own signature gin from a top craft brewery? Pomona Distilling Co. offers an epic Gin Masterclass – you’ll learn all about gin and customize your very own botanical gin blend. Check out Pomona Distilling Co. today and try some delicious drinks! Make a reservation here.
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gin with lemon

Drank all the gin Noosa has? Think again at Pomona Distilling Co.! If you’re an aficionado, you may already have headed out on your travels visiting breweries in Noosa and distilleries around the sunshine coast: but you may not have thought to visit Pomona. Yet. If you thought you’d exhausted all the distilleries and breweries in Noosaville and beyond, think again. Pomona Distilling Co. are putting this small town firmly on the Noosa gin map.

Nestled at the foot of Mt Cooroora, Queensland, this small-batch boutique distillery only opened their doors in December 2019, but they’re already making waves. Their artisanal spirits are distilled on-premises, and they offer a wide range of superb gin cocktails. Local craft beer can be found on tap, and an excellent sharing menu (there are also mains) means you needn’t go hungry while you’re there.

The Best Gin On The Sunshine Coast

pomona spirit gin

Top of the list of things to try here though is the Pomona Signature Gin, the inspiration and the very reason they sprung into existence. Infused with botanicals and infused with locally sourced honeydew melon, it is literally the taste of Pomona. Master distiller and owner Robin Yates’s signature dry gin needs to be tasted to be believed. As well as the signature dry gin, there’s Pomona Pink and Butterfly Pea Flower Gin, as well as their very own vodka on offer.

Robin started distilling on his family’s land decades ago and has been knocking out fine artisanal spirits for Noosa residents for many years, so opening up the distillery was a natural progression, and a chance to share his craft and his love for gin with the community. Community, and family feature heavily here: to the extent that the main distiller itself takes its name from Robin’s grandmother, June.

Amazing Gin Cocktails In Noosa

For the purist, you can take it neat, but Pomona Signature dry gin’s flavour profile also pairs excellently with either mint, lime, lemon peel and rosemary. Or you can choose to sample one of the many lovingly crafted top gin cocktails or gin martinis, created, mixed and served by expert bartender and mixologist Barry, formerly of Diaego UK, and ex barkeep at celeb hangouts Drakes & Blanch House. Lucky for us, he returned to Noosa to share all he’d learned (and his cocktails) with us.

Visit This Pomona Brewery Near Sunshine Coast

delicious gin cocktails

Just in case you needed any more reasons to visit, here are a few! Operating out of a stunning and lovingly hand-built venue, which once upon a time was the Pomona Bakery (built in the early 1900’s), they have laboured to ensure as many of the materials used are reclaimed. In the bistro, you’ll find original brickwork (if you can concentrate with amazing smells coming from the kitchen), and beyond this, a huge garden arbour sprawling and lush grassy lawn. And then onto the bar itself, clad in reclaimed timbers and with polished coppers distillers lining the back wall.

No end of care and attention has been expended designing a menu that reflects the love and craft applied to the premises and the distilling. With a selection of sharing plates, snacks and a smattering of mains with fresh local ingredients from Noosa, there’s plenty of delicious options so you can line the stomach. So if you’re anywhere in Noosa or the wider Sunshine Coast, we highly recommend a visit to this local gem. In fact, wherever you are in Queensland, if you love your gin, Pomona Distilling Co. is well worth the trip.

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